Worlds Biggest Drive-in?

You heard it right. In 2016 producer Kim O’Connel called me to score what would become the worlds biggest drive-in albeit not how you might imagine from its title. It wasn’t an Avengers film but there was popcorn!

A story was developed on the beginnings of Tasmania, its original people, animals, seismic events and its journey to now. Sounds simple enough. But the canvas was a mountain and the image was later projection.




So the final laser projection was 3.5 kilometres wide (read that again) on the face of Mt Roland in Tasmania’s north. The project was so advanced that the laser company developed new software features just for it! The 30 minute score was broadcast over a short-throw FM frequency, thousands of people drove up in the depth of a Tassie winter, sat in their cars (defogging their windscreens) tuned in their radios and watched FIRELIGHT 17.


It was a remarkable thing to witness and to make. The extraordinary crew from Sheffield sparked by Des Brown, led by Kim O’Connel and a technical marvel to make the record books*.


*Guiness book of records people didn’t come because they cost too much

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