What happens when you do this?

Well, it sometimes happens. I sit down, or I’m driving, or eating…or anything really and a notion comes to me. A notion of soaring strings and a grand canyon of a musical idea that will hold the world at it’s feet and make all the mean people weep. But when pen meets paper (or digital means meet), what comes out is…’River with you’. A song that cries for a banjo to get it into the hearts and feet of bluegrass dance halls the world over. What happened?!?!
This I cannot explain, but the song exploded from my head and I could barely keep the pen (and Sibelius) moving fast enough to catch it.
My advice to writers of any kind…’don’t fight it’. when its coming that fast, its for a good reason and who are you to stop it? In fact you are the catcher and you MUST catch it. That is the responsibility of your craft. A gift, if you like. Sometimes a burden, but always a gift.
‘River with you’ is a dark tale of obsession and control, not autobiographical at all, but a story that is worth telling. The song is about someone who is alone, confined to a sinking ship (metaphorically) and unable to get off. My favorite line is “my stalemate sail mate till the end”. A sad resignation of one who has lost courage, but sings about it with such passion.
And how good does it sound with a choir? Thanks to all who were there.

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