Arco Set. The Album.

The premiss for working exclusively with strings over a band is a fine idea: until you try to explain it. It sounds at first exotic, new, unique and many other adjectives around a creative step away from convention. But then, is it really that different?

Inspired by his performance of the Juliet Letters for the first MONA FOMA in 2009, Dean decided to re-arrange his own back catalogue of songs away from the band, and into the hands of a string quartet. Late nights of writing and exploring this new beast came to reality in Tasmania’s Amplified Festival the following year. It worked. And it rang a bell in Dean’s creative room that began an extensive journey towards this sound.

MONA FOMA the following year invited Dean to play again and this time a full new work was written for the event called The Cloud Suite: A 4 movement piece for voice, chamber orchestra and noise that crystallised Dean’s vision of the Arco Set direction.

The next year saw Dean, with producer Al Future, record the Arco Set for a full album of songs plus the Cloud Suite. This album showcased Dean’s melodic song writing and his ability to adapt grooves and rhythms into the string section, exploring contemporary song forms within the classical instrumentation.

The full album is available through iTunes and CDBaby.

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