On to MONA. How busy are you?

Time gets away doesn’t it?
You know that.
The best greeting I’ve heard yet is someone saying first “So, how busy are you?”
Cuts to the chase.
We’re all busy, some more than others. Either the world has sped up and we’re all busier, or we’ve ac-rewed poor time management skills which means we’re not getting as much done any more due to…distractions?!?!?!
You bet!

But here, I have mislaid my best intentions of spewing forth my workings to this page. A long time has passed and now I see the difference in my work since the last entry.
Tonight, I await the mail tomorrow which should bring with it CD’s bearing my name and that of the Arco Set. It’s release time! The show for release is this Saturday in the belly of MONA.
It’s the most ambitious solo thing to date for me and my family. The scale of it is awesome and frightening. 17 people in a world class room with a camera crew, a live audience and the absolute need to sell as many of these CD’s as god made flies to pay it off.

It will work.

It’s dangerous.

So it can’t fail.

Only the brave get ahead. Or the squeaky wheels.

This is bravery and my crew are awesome for following me into the darkness.

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