Perfect lines and well timed questions.

My favourite line of 2013 (to date)…”We strolled silently down the sidewalk, listening to porch swings creaking under the weight of the neighbourhood”. To Kill a Mockingbird. Harper Lee.
Something about that line opened my ears, eyes and skin to the deeper goings-on around me. If you are yet to read this book, you have a treasure ahead.
I found lines in songs that I had written that also seemed to pass me by at the time of writing, recording and singing 1000 times, that have returned to delight me. “Did I really write you?””How did I never leer, sweat, push, cajole, groan or gesticulate enough to emphasise you in the past?””Did anyone else shiver when they heard you long before I noticed you were there?”
The agony of time. The joy of reflection. The wonder of understanding yourself at a later date.
Thank you song lines for coming back to meet me. As all song lines should, they eventually converge.

The process of creation is not meant to be understood; but acknowledged. Too much acknowledgement, it’s academia. Not enough, a hobby.
However my delight at this point overcame me this year as I toured my ‘Suitcase’ show through regional Tasmania. Thanks to the efforts of Jeremy and Yum Williams of the touring band, people came out in flood to greet them and thank them for the joy they have brought their communities over the years by way of a touring camerata or string camps. The locals were deep in hobby; their communities allowed them no more than this. But they showed more passion for music than a rabid Beatles fan. My thanks to all above for reminding me how good music is when people are listening. (It’s better than when they’re not).

And thanks Harper Lee. You caught the sound of people listening.

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