Vault series: A songs worth

One from the vault:

After the recording of my early album In Time, I had a creative explosion. This often happens when you work your ears off on one thing, then to find that this time of rigor and focus culminates in a new understanding of self/music/money/divorce or something else quite useful. Perhaps this revelation is the sole purpose for this rigor. 

Anyway, after In Time a new song burst out. It came too late to be included on the In Time album and was therefor first in line for whatever came next. 
In fact the next thing was a new album recorded just 18 months later in Sweden. This album is yet to see the light of day. But more on that another day. 

The new song did indeed become the first song we recorded upon arrival in Sweden; and it worked wonderfully; Vintage drums, pickled fish, tubes and valves for days and few distractions apart from the creation itself. It was so good in fact, that when the next project was underway, a recording with string ensemble (Arco Set), this song was duly modified to accept a string backing making it a perfect partner to this project.  It’s still one of my proudest moments. And its all recorded to tape. 

It begins with a chorus, has two more of them, only one verse, a bridge and is done in under 3 minutes. 
It’s called Wayward song.


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