London Suite Premiere

Last year I spent a month in London. It became a more profound time than I had anticipated. Time in mentorship, composition and travelling made for a month that produced a suite of music that reflected my experiences of London and creating music in a new way. I’ve written a suite of music that doesn’t contain me. I’m not in it. Well, I wrote it, conduct it, paid for it, etc, etc, but you won’t hear me in it. Not singing, playing bass, nothing. Just strings, piano and vibraphone. What a relief.

Tomorrow night, it will be released into the ears of the world. I was invited to premiere the London Suite at Government House, Hobart. It’s a deep privilege and one not to be taken lightly given that it booked out in 18 minutes.

The program notes will say something like:

The working title for this suite was Music for an Imagined Film. This meant that each piece is a scene of sorts; a comment or feeling that inspired, delighted or devastated him. However, most of the music is not intended to transform the feeling or vision, but only to honour it, stay in it and notice it becoming music. Many of the suite’s 11 pieces are without narrative and are disconnected with each other, in that there is no desire to draw a connection that could be falsified; the music came and went at random as the autumnal city allowed itself to be written. 

Therefore, as there is no hidden narrative to lend you, you are invited to bring your own to it. Each piece brings with it a colour that you can imagine your own scenes with. Dean’s inspirations are somewhat irrelevant to your listening experience. Make the music your own soundtrack; underscoring your own imaginings or memories with it.



So. If you don’t already have a ticket, you can’t get one. Sorry. But it will be out soon enough. Enjoy.


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